At least one and preferably two association officers should preside over the event. It is important to arrive at least half an hour early to set up the registration table, look over the room set-up, and greet the speaker and any early arrivals. Bring a copy of the RSVP list, sign-in sheets, an envelope or cash box with change, pens, nametags, and any signs or banners. Identify where the restrooms are located. Test the microphone. Make sure any piped in background music is turned off and that the temperature of the room is acceptable. The President of the association should attend to the speaker, greet the guests, and oversee other details. It often helps to have someone who can remain at the registration table when the crowd is large, as there will always be no shows, walk-ins, and latecomers. The association officer should welcome attendees (especially newcomers and recent graduates) and make introductions of speakers as appropriate. Résumés and web profiles are often useful for providing background information for the introduction. Ideally, someone who is very familiar with the speaker will do the intro. Generally the responsibility falls to the Association President, but s/he may designate a willing volunteer.

Please note
An association officer needs to remain at the event until all guests have left.

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