Names of Associations
All references to a particular association should begin with the Amherst Association of _________ (city or region). The sole exception to this is the Amherst Club of Chicago. Because parents and friends are important parts of the associations, we ask that you refrain from using the term “alumni association.”

Mailing List and Association Membership
All alumni and parents (of current students and recent graduates) who live in an area covered by an Amherst Association are considered association members. Zip code ranges determine Amherst regional associations, and some associations include two or more states. A member of an association wishing to have his or her name removed from the mailing list, or, conversely, to receive mailings for an additional association, should contact Alumni and Parent Programs.

Association members wishing to receive mailings at a seasonal address need to inform Alumni and Parent Programs of the address and effective dates.

During the summer months, current students can be mailed invitations to summer events in their home areas. Both prospective and admitted students are welcome to attend association events when appropriate.  (During the winter/spring period in which their admissions applications are being reviewed, it is not appropriate for applicants to be invited to association events because such an invitation might be misinterpreted.) Students who study abroad can be invited to attend foreign events. Please let Alumni and Parent Programs know if you would like to invite students to certain events.

Comprehensive mailing lists for associations are circulated only to regional volunteers. Please note that use of the mailing lists is limited to volunteers and Alumni and Parent Programs and cannot be used for non-Amherst, self-promotion, or commercial purposes.

Alumni and Parent Programs will generate and send all email invitations. Under most circumstances, mailings for association events are sent to the entire list, with the occasional exception of some young alumni events. Updated contact information and RSVP forms should be shared with Alumni and Parent Programs for verification of addresses.

The contact information for the President or Vice-President of an association will be given to alumni who want to get in touch with the regional representative.

E-mailing of Announcements
Alumni and Parent Programs will send mass e-mail announcements for volunteers when a communication needs to go out. Usually, no more than two e-mails (i.e. the announcement and a reminder) should go out for a given event. Due to the rising cost of mailing, many associations are opting to send all announcements via e-mail. Please keep in mind that the College usually has only about 80 percent of good e-mails for any constituency. It is possible to send e-mail announcements to those for whom we have a valid e-mail address and mailed announcements to those for whom we do not.
Officers: Appointment and Election
An association’s vitality depends on engaged and organized volunteers. For this reason, we suggest a regular turnover or rotation of roles to ensure that there are opportunities for fresh ideas and energized people. The suggested term for officers is three years. When officers are planning to move, step down, or take on a new role, please contact Alumni and Parent Programs so that we can work together on a plan for recruiting new leadership candidates. The slate of officers needs to be reviewed by Alumni and Parent Programs before elections take place or association appointments are made.

  • In areas where a large number of alumni live, regional associations should have the following structure:
    • A minimum of four active officers--President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Additional executive committee members can be added as needed.
    • An executive committee that meets regularly, consisting of the above officers and at least four other members.
  • For newly organized or small associations, a full slate of officers may not be necessary, as they can run very well with two or three people at the helm. One or two meetings a year are usually sufficient to maintain an Amherst presence.