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The Purpose and Importance of Class Notes

You have volunteered for the important task of keeping the college and your fellow alumni up to date on the lives of your classmates. We look to the notes to accomplish the following: to help classmates connect with one another, to make every member of the class feel included and to promote goodwill toward Amherst. Doing this in the limited space available and with an eye toward a broad reading audience necessitates certain guidelines. We have set limits on content and use of space while trying not to limit the number of classmates mentioned or the personal touches only a class secretary can provide.

Your contribution is indispensable, and we are extremely grateful for your willingness to assist in this way. The role of class secretary is highly visible and important to the class and the college, and you should not hesitate to call if you encounter a situation that requires clarification. Thank you for your efforts and, most importantly, your time spent writing the notes.

If you'd like to print a copy of the handbook, please click on this pdf file.


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