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Deadlines and Publication


Class notes are published four times a year in Amherst. It is vital that you adhere to the quarterly deadlines below for submitting your notes

Deadline Issue
December 1 Winter (February) Issue
March 1 Spring (May) Issue
June 1 Summer (August) Issue
September 1 Fall (November) Issue

After you have submitted your quarterly notes, we encourage you to post them on the Class Notes section of your class Web page. For assistance, please contact your alumni office liaison.

Publication Dates vs. Submission Deadlines
Because of the time it takes to type, proof, design and print the notes, we urge you not to date your copy with seasonal references (“I hope everybody is enjoying this lovely spring”) or use of the future tense. If John Jones is moving to Seattle in June and your column will appear in the summer issue in August, you should say, “John Jones moved to Seattle in June.”

Getting Notes to Amherst


Typed or Handwritten

  • If you type your notes, please use white paper and double spacing.
  • If you hand write your notes, please print legibly on lined paper.


  • Fax your column to 413-542-2042.

Your Contribution is Indispensable
Again, thank you for your efforts.


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