Deadlines and Publication
Class notes are published four times a year in Amherst. It is vital that you adhere to the quarterly deadlines below for submitting your notes.

Deadline Issue
December 1 Winter Issue (Mailed in February)
March 1 Spring Issue (Mailed in May)
June 1 Summer Issue (Mailed in August)
September 1 Fall Issue (Mailed in November)

After you have submitted your quarterly notes, we encourage you to post them on the Class Notes section of your class webpage. For assistance, please contact your alumni office liaison. For classes who prefer it, we will post them for you after they have been edited.

Getting Notes to Amherst


Typed or Handwritten

  • If you type your notes, please use white paper and double spacing.
  • If you hand write your notes, please print legibly on lined paper.

Your Contribution is Indispensable
Again, thank you for your efforts.