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Headquarters Committee

This committee is responsible for the setup at headquarters. A classmate who lives within easy driving distance of Amherst is ideal to chair this committee. This committee will coordinate class assistants, tents, distribution of souvenirs, decorations and other logistical needs at Headquarters.

Alumni and Parent Programs hires and provides housing for the class assistants, but the class pays them. A good guideline is one class assistant for each 75 adult guests; you can see a list of how many class assistants each Reunion class has hired for previous Reunions to help you determine how many class assistants your class will need (see the past Class Assistant chart).

All class assistants must have attended the alcohol safety training course (TIPS) provided by the college. Class assistants should set up your tables and chairs at headquarters on Thursday (or earlier if your class festivities begin earlier) and take them down on Sunday. They are also expected to be on duty throughout the weekend, helping with errands and miscellaneous jobs around headquarters as well as tending bar. Most students work Thursday through Sunday. Students are paid $8.00 per hour; tips are optional, though most classes have traditionally given each assistant at least $100 as a tip. Your budget should include approximately $250 to $500 per class assistant depending on the number of hours you plan to have your bar open. In February your class liaison will help determine how many assistants you need, and the Reunion Chair is asked to complete a form listing the names of sons, daughters or other relatives of classmates you would like us to hire, if any. If eligible, they will be given priority. However, requests for specific class assistants made after April 1 can probably not be honored, since we have limited housing for student workers and all positions should be filled by this time.

By the end of April, we will let the Reunion Chair and the Headquarters Committee Chair know which students have been hired for your class and give you their phone numbers, campus boxes and email addresses. Please contact them as soon as possible and certainly before you arrive. Both students and the Reunion Chair will receive a memo outlining the weekend’s responsibilities of the class assistants. If the Reunion Chair is not dealing directly with the students, s/he should pass on this information to the classmate who will be working with them.

The students’ last job will be to make sure all chairs and tables are stacked neatly outside the tent for pickup on Sunday. The tent rental companies dismantle the tents before Facilities collects chairs and tables. We suggest you pay your class assistants on Sunday after all the tables and chairs have been stacked and final duties are accomplished.

While it is not absolutely necessary to have a tent for Reunion, it is good insurance against rainy weather, particularly since most headquarters do not have large indoor spaces. Classes are responsible for reserving their own tents. See the list of suppliers that have been approved by the college.

Due to underground utilities and other considerations, there are limited places where tents can be erected on campus. In most cases each headquarters has one designated tent location.

Before the tent is erected, the rental company must contact the Facilities Department by calling (413) 542-2254, in order to arrange for the assistance of the Facilities representative(s), which may include the Electrical Shop, Environmental Health & Safety, Grounds Department and/or Special Services. The college supplies safety lighting for tents at no charge if requested, and there will be electricity available in the tents.  However, the power available at each outdoor location is limited.  Please check with your class liaison before planning any outdoor activities--such as bands or special catering needs--that may require extra power.

When contracting for your tent, please be aware that the Town of Amherst requires a tent permit at a cost of $25. Once you inform Alumniand Parent Programs which tent company you will be using, we will send a copy of this tent permit form, signed by a member of the Facilities department, to your tent provider. Your tent provider must sign the form and file it with the Town of Amherst with the $25 fee. This is a very important requirement, so please follow up with your tent provider to ensure that this permit is filed before Reunion weekend.

In case of rain, you might wish to order a separate, smaller tent for your caterer or plan for room in the class tent.

Tent Size Guidelines

Tent Size Capacity*
20’ x 20’ Caterer or 30 people
20’ x 40’ 60 people
30’ x 50’ 110 people
30’ x 60’ 130 people
30’ x 70’ 155 people
40’ x 60’ 175 people
30’ x 90’ 200 people
40’ x 80’ 250 people
60’ x 60’ 275 people
*Accommodates: cocktail reception with bar set-up and buffet dinner with seating.

The college supplies chairs and 8-foot rectangular tables at no charge.  Each table seats 8 people. Please remember that tablecloths are not provided (see the Food & Beverage and Banquet sections below). A form will be sent to you in February asking for tent details and your estimated attendance. Facilities  will provide enough tables for your estimated attendance, as well as an additional 16 tables for other needs (catering, food, DJ, etc.). Your class assistants are responsible for setting up/taking down tables and chairs.

These are also provided by the college at no charge. Each headquarters will be supplied with two bulletin boards and four trash cans. Extension cords are available by request.

It is a good idea to assign someone this task. Don’t forget that when you arrive, you will be walking into sparsely-furnished rooms. Classes can create a more festive place for people to gather by decorating. Some classes rent round tables, tablecloths and chairs to set up inside headquarters. Alumni and Parent Programs staff will be happy to meet someone from your class at your headquarters in the spring and suggest some inexpensive ways to decorate.  Extension cords are available at Alumni House for your tent.

If you want a PA system, projector and screen, speakers, stereo system, VCR/DVD equipment, an extra refrigerator, etc. for headquarters, you should provide the items or rent them locally. Possible suppliers are listed on our Suppliers and Other Useful Contacts page. There is usually a television in each headquarters.  Our staff can also provide updated information.


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