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Souvenirs Committee

If the class wants to provide mementos for classmates and/or their families, this committee is responsible for doing so. Please see a list of potential suppliers. Below is a sampling of past souvenirs. Alumni and Parent Programs can supply you with camera-ready artwork of the Amherst seal and other images, such as Johnson Chapel, for your souvenirs.

*Windbreakers/anoraks Duffle bags Golf umbrellas
*Sweatshirts Tote bags Key chains
*T-shirts Cooler bags Watches
*Polo shirts with logos Beach towels Letter openers
*Sweaters Stadium or fleece blankets Picture frames
*Fleece jackets or vests Portable chairs Coasters
Tennis visors Frisbees Posters
Champagne, whiskey, shot glasses, etc. Kites Ceramic pins
Baseball caps Stadium cups / Coffee mugs Buttons

* It has been our experience that souvenirs requiring specific sizes can be problematic. While the college can collect this information with registration, late registrations and changes mean that classes frequently have ended up without enough of the correct sizes and too many of the wrong ones.  Non-size specific souvenirs are often more successful.

Please Note: Amherst purple is PANTONE 267C and 266 (the more vibrant of the two).

If you order from an out-of-town supplier, the Office of Alumni and Parent Programs can store your souvenirs until you arrive for Reunion. Mail to:

Alumni and Parent Programs
Amherst College
22 Snell Street
Amherst, MA  01002

Each carton should be labeled clearly showing your class year and the fact that it is for Reunion, e.g. “Class of 1979 Reunion.”

If you are working with a vendor that has not previously done business with Amherst College, please have them submit a federal W-9 form with their bill.


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