While there is plenty of parking on campus, parking close to the center of campus is limited. Some areas of campus will be under construction. There is no parking allowed on the Main Quadrangle. Several streets close to campus are restricted to holders of Amherst Town permits except on Saturday and Sunday, and the Town tickets cars aggressively. Visitors are strongly encouraged to park in the Hills or O'Connell parking lots off Route 9 and to take advantage of the free shuttle service to the center of campus.

Campus Shuttle Service
The campus shuttle will run every 15 minutes from parking lots on Route 9 to the Alumni House and Main Quadrangle. Please note that this shuttle does not have the capacity to transport groups between programs.

Shuttle Hours:
Wednesday: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Thursday: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

If alumni require transportation from satellite lots to dorms outside of these hours they can call 413-542-2065 anytime during Reunion.

As you remember, the Amherst College campus is hilly. Programs are held in a variety of locations and unfortunately we are unable to provide regular transportation between buildings and programs. Alumni with mobility concerns can call 413-542-2313 before Reunion to discuss available services.

On-Campus Housing
On-campus housing is available Wednesday - Saturday nights. Rooms may be reserved when registering for Reunion online or on paper registration forms. Alumni and Parent Programs will make the housing assignments. Room assignments and keys are picked up by alumni when they arrive on campus. We do our best to house all classmates in the same dormitory (or set of dormitories). Actual room assignments will not be available until alumni arrive on campus.

Reunion chairs will receive a form indicating how many people can be housed at headquarters and asking for a list of classmates who should be housed there as space allows. Most often the reunion chair and committee members elect to stay at headquarters. Others prefer to be where it might be quieter. Alumni staying at headquarters still need to register and pay for housing. The fee is waived for reunion chairs (no more than two per Reunion class) and their families.

On-campus housing is free for alumni and one guest each for the Classes of 1936-1956 (60th Reunion and beyond) and for children under 3 years old. Housing for children ages 4-10 is $10. The charge for all others is $35 per person, per night.

Reminder: Dormitory rooms are functional (extra-long twin size beds, sheets, towels, a pillow and a blanket are provided). There are no rooms with private baths. All dormitories and houses are non-smoking. The dormitories are not air-conditioned and we encourage guests to bring a fan and nightlight if necessary.

Classmates who prefer to stay in local hotels or motels are advised to make their own arrangements well in advance. A list of area accommodations is available on our website.

For Reunion 2016 there is major construction on campus and not as many rooms as usual are available for alumni housing. Here is the language we have posted on the Reunion website for all attendees:

Alumni and their guests will be placed first in their headquarters as much as possible. If headquarters are full, alumni will be placed in another dorm, as close by as we can manage. The dorms on the main quad are mostly doubles, and alumni who are coming with guests will be housed together in the same room. Most other dorms on campus are singles, so couples will be housed in adjacent rooms. Children will be placed on cots in single rooms with their parents. For example, in dorms away from the main quad, a family of three with one child would have one single with a cot, and one single next door. On the main quad, they would have a double with a cot added. You can request to be housed near friends when you register and can let us know about any special needs you may have, especially any accessibility needs. Most dorms are accessible, but some are more accessible than others. If your class headquarters is on the main quad and you are attending without a guest, but would like to be housed with a friend in a double, please include that information in your registration. You will receive a confirmation of your room reservation; however, you will not receive your room assignment until you arrive on campus. Please register and pick up your room key at the Alumni House Reception Center. See your class headquarters information here.

We strongly recommend that reunion chairs encourage classmates to register early to insure that their housing needs are met. 

The Alumni House
The Alumni House Reception Center serves as the general Reunion headquarters. It is open from early morning until late at night and is used as a meeting place for many people. This is often the first place returning alumni go when they arrive on campus. They check in and pick up the final program, their individual class programs and room keys if they are staying on campus. 

Child Care
The college cannot arrange for private babysitters. If families require a sitter, it is suggested they arrange for one to accompany them to reunion or use a source such as or (NOTE: and are private for-profit businesses and are in no way affiliated with Amherst College.)

The college offers a Children’s Reunion Evening Program for children ages 4-13. The 15th, 20th and 25th Reunion classes often offer a wide variety of family-friendly activities on the Saturday of Reunion. The college also sponsors family activities including family swimming times at the pool.

Security is an important issue because several classes have had items stolen from headquarters or program sites. The college cannot assume liability for such items, and the classes have had to cover the cost of replacement.

A locked storage room is available in headquarters for each class, and keys will be given to the reunion chair. We strongly encourage you to use this room to secure kegs, liquor, AV equipment, helium tanks or anything else you may have borrowed or rented for Reunion. You may wish to ask your class assistants to watch over the bar, souvenirs, etc. during the hours when headquarters are left unattended. Please also encourage classmates to keep their rooms locked at all times. 

Food Services
For meals not provided by your class, alumni can purchase buffet-style meals at Valentine Hall (except for Saturday dinner when class banquets are being held). Prices will be posted online and in the final Reunion brochure. Schwemm’s Gourmet Coffee House at Keefe Campus Center and Frost Café in the library are also open during Reunion. There is a complimentary Saturday Reunion luncheon on Valentine Quad for all classes.

AA Program
An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is available on campus Friday and Saturday. There are also many meetings in the local area. Specific information will be provided in the final brochure.


Who can pour?
For safety and liability reasons no alcoholic beverages may be served at functions on college property (including Reunion bars) except by TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) certified servers. BYOB events are not allowed under college policy. As in the past, we administer the hiring of class assistants for you, and will ensure that they have undergone TIPS training. You may also hire professional bartenders who are TIPS certified. All alcoholic beverages — including beer, in kegs or otherwise — must be kept behind the bar and be served by a trained person. It is a state law that parents may not serve alcohol to their underage children on a licensed premise (which the campus is).

Who can drink?
No one under 21 may be served. Class assistants are instructed not to serve any students who are 21, unless that student is a guest of the class (you don’t need to subsidize the weekend for the student workers of Amherst). If you are hosting student guests who are of age and would like them to be served, please let your class assistants know and they will card and serve them.

IMPORTANT: It would be a great support to your class assistants to designate one person each night from your committee who can be their backup if they need help managing a classmate who needs to slow down or stop their consumption of alcohol in order to be safe. The students will have emergency numbers at their bar including APP staff and Campus Police to call if they have concerns or there is an issue of safety. The college and your student servers share potential liability for any alcohol safety issues that may arise. Please trust them to do their jobs and back them up if they determine that it is unsafe or unwise to further serve a guest.

Other information:
Cash bars are unlawful without a specific license and cannot be permitted on college property. This includes the selling of chits or tickets separate from a bar but good for redemption at a bar. It does not include the establishment of some charge for beverages incorporated in a class total Reunion fee structure. You can, therefore, include beverages as a budget item — along with food, band, tent, souvenirs, etc. — when setting a class fee.

The Town of Amherst strictly enforces its “open container” law. It prohibits the public consumption or conveyance of alcohol in open containers. In other words, do not walk on the streets or sidewalks or appear on the town common with an alcoholic beverage in your hand. Do not drive with any open containers in your vehicle.

The Town of Amherst requires a license for all kegs. Alumni and Parent Programs will obtain a keg license to cover all Reunion classes. A copy will be provided to your class assistants.