Reunion Deadlines and Timelines

Summer - Recruit potential committee chairs and members

October - Class Reunion Planning Conference Call - Reunion planning meeting conference call arranged in cooperation with class liaison for class members who are interested in participating in planning. Your APP liaison will provide resources and information you need to be ready including past budgets, programs and class lists, in addition to the data at the back of this handbook

  • Set general budget (consider entertainment, meals, tent, etc.)
  • Set class fees (must be set by December 1)
  • Begin inviting speakers and coordinating programs
  • Appoint attendance committee chair(s)

December 1 - Class fee structure due to your class liaison

January 3-5 - Registration opens

January - Reunion postcard sent to all alumni by APP, preliminary college-sponsored programs will be posted to the website

March 1 - Class Program Form and Headquarters Form due

April 1 - Alumni and Parent Programs will be in touch with preliminary program schedule

April 15 - Program schedule and descriptions finalized (after being approved by committee and speakers)

June 15 - Post reunion forms due back to APP to help out next year’s classes

Suggested Communications Timeline

We recommend sending one communication per month beginning in November or December.  Mailings will be sent by email (paper mail to those without email).  We recommend sending one mailing to all classmates on paper, including a registration form.

August - Homecoming letter: Reunion chair can collaborate with the class president on a letter urging attendance at Homecoming and inviting attendance at any class events planned for Homecoming as well as on a class Reunion planning conference call if scheduled.

November/December - Letter: Save the date and announce the class fee, update your class on other decisions. Class Website: Post the class letter, Reunion Committee officers, list of classmates planning to attend and any other Reunion information.

January - Letter: Invite honorary members of the class to Reunion, announce class fees and request any program or other assistance needed. Include a preliminary list of classmates planning to attend (you can also link to a list of registered alumni by class, available on the Reunion website) and an appeal to those who have not yet responded. Questionnaires or polls concerning activities and interests of the class are popular and should also be sent/posted at this time. Website: APP will add an auto-populated list of attendees from the registration system to each class website. 

February - Letter: Give an update on class plans. Other Communication: Make telephone calls and send emails encouraging attendance and registration.

March - Letter: call for nominations of those interested in running for class officer positions. Update on class plans.  If you haven’t already sent a snail mailing with a registration form, this is a good time.

April/May - Letter: Can include class program information, and/or a link to the class schedule on the reunion website (this will not include private programs like dinners, so that will need to be included separately in your communication).