2002-2003 Executive Committee of the Alumni Council

Summary of Minutes

Members: Betsy Hastings Block ’87; Elizabeth Boluch ’84, Annual Fund Co-Chair; Drew Casertano ’78; Robert E. Keiter ’57; Paul LaFerriere ’70, Chair; David Moore ’78, President of the Society of the Alumni ; Bennett Ojserkis ’75, Annual Fund Co-Chair; Mark W. Perry ’65; Samuel Rosenberg ’72; Christine Noyer Seaver ’81; Neda Sharghi ’94; Jacqueline Sherman ’91; Betsy Cannon Smith '84, Alumni Secretary; Frank Stevenson ’77; John Turner ’61; Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge ’87


  • Bruce D. Angiolillo ’74, Past Chair of the Executive Committee (June 26, 2003)
  • Anthony W. Marx, President Elect (June 26, 2003)
  • Thomas H. Parker, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid (January 20, 2003)
  • Peter J. Shea, Treasurer (September 19, 2002)
  • H. Axel Schupf ’57 Trustee/Host (September 19, 2002, January 30, 2003 and June 26, 2003)
  • William McC. Vickery ’57, Director of Special Projects (June 26, 2003)
 September Meeting  January Meeting  June Meeting

    At its September 19, 2002 meeting in New York:

  • Mr. Ojserkis reported on the results of the 2002 Annual Fund and the priorities for 2003.
  • The Secretary reported that at the Alumni Council meeting at Homecoming, Distinguished Service Awards will be presented.  The Committee subsequently voted to present the awards to:
    • George B. Dowley ‘40
    • Alan S. Bernstein ‘63
    • John P. Meegan ’81 and Leo P. Arnaboldi III ’81
    • Class of ’52 for Group Service
    • Class of ’77 for Group Service
  • The Secretary reported further that the Presidential Search Committee has held its second meeting and that good progress is being made with the electronic voting initiative.  She also noted that the Ad Hoc Committee to review alumni and parent programs had collected a great many suggestions.
  • Mr. Schupf briefed the Committee on residential housing, a committee to look at curriculum needs in the 21st century, recent changes to the honors structure, and plans for an investment office to support the work of the Trustee Investment Committee.
  • Mr. Shea reported that the College’s financial position was very strong.  He commented on financing for the Residential Master Plan and the need to continue renovations once that is completed.  He reported that currently Financial Aid represents 17% of Amherst’s budget.  Notwithstanding, Amherst faculty salaries are considered to be competitive with comparable institutions.

At its January 30, 2003 meeting in New York:

  • Mr. Ojserkis gave a status report on the 2003 Annual Fund.
  • The Secretary reported on the wording and descriptions of three new Distinguished Service Awards approved by the Committee.  She then up-dated the Committee on the work of the Ad Hoc Committee to review alumni and parent programs, the Alumni Trustee election process (including a review of the current year’s slate) and the question for the candidates to answer.
  • Mr. Parker provided an informative update on the status of the admissions process and an informed analysis of admissions-related     issues in the news. 

At its June 26, 2003 meeting in New York:

  • Mr. Ojserkis gave an update on the progress of the Annual Fund.
  • Mr. Marx introduced himself to the Committee and provided views on education and on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Amherst.
  • Mr. Schupf gave an informative report on the principal issues under consideration by the Board of Trustees, particularly the extensive renovation and construction on campus.
  • The Secretary reported that the electronic voting option was successfully implemented for the Alumni Trustee election.  It did not appear to increase the percentage of alumni casting votes.
  • The Secretary and Mr. Vickery presented the report of the Ad Hoc Committee to review alumni and parent programs.  The Committee agreed that the report should be summarized and sent to the Trustees.  Discussion of the implementation of the recommendations contained in the report consumed the rest of the meeting.