2003-2004 Executive Committee of the Alumni Council


Committee Members: Bruce D. Angiolillo ’74, President of the Society of the Alumni; Daniel L. Bernstein ’59; Drew Casertano ’78; Robert E. Keiter ’57; Molly Lyons ’97; Gordon A. Montgomery ’88; Bennett E. Ojserkis ’75, Annual Fund Co-Chair; John C. Ransmeier ’65; Samuel I. Rosenberg ’72; Christine Noyer Seaver ’81; Jacqueline Sherman ’91; Betsy Cannon Smith '84, Alumni Secretary; Frank E. Stevenson II ’77, Chair; John G. Turner ’61; Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge ’87; Laura J. Yerkovich ’80, Annual Fund Co-Chair 


  • Frederick T. Griffiths, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Class of 1880 Professor of Greek (Classics) (February 12, 2004)
  • Richard Kuhta, Folger Librarian (May 4, 2004)
  • Gail Kern Paster, Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library (May 4, 2004)
  • William McC. Vickery ’57, Director of Special Projects
September Meeting
February Meeting
May Meeting
 June Meeting


At its September 22, 2003 teleconference:

  • The Committee voted to confer the Distinguished Service Award to:
  • James Bartlett ’59 (deferred to 2004)
  • Molly K. Lyons ’97 (Young Alumni Award)
  • Jonathan Prokup ’99 (Young Alumni Award)
  • Responding Together Team (Group Service Award)
    • Pauline Young Rush ’88
    • Jed Miller ’88
    • Erica Stracher Fields ’88
    • Robert S. Longworth II ’99


At its February 12, 2004 meeting:

  • Mr. Ojserkis reviewed year end results of the Annual Fund.
  • In her report the Secretary:
    • Described the Reunion Cup Award, designed to provide recognition for the greatest increase in attendance for a single class since its last Reunion.
    • Reported progress made on recommendations of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Alumni and Parent Programs.  Parents were invited to participate in a conference call with the President and the Dean.  Alumni volunteers reached out to Early Decision applicants in a program designed in conjunction with the Offices of Admission and Dean of Students to welcome the early admits to the Amherst family.  Plans for Amherst Today were discussed and the Amherst Attic site, an on line link to Amherst history as a way to engage students in the traditions of Amherst, was described.
    • Reported that the three candidates nominated to stand for election in 2004 by the Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee were: Brian E. Boyle ’69, David W. Ferguson ’75 and Paul R. Murphy ’73.  After discussion the Committee voted to pose the following question to the candidates:

      • What will be the ‘crossroads’ decisions facing Amherst during your term as trustee, and how should they be addressed?
  • Dean Griffiths led a wide ranging discussion including the open curriculum, faculty governance and administrative structure, noting that interactions with a representative alumni committee were an essential part of his work.


At its May 4, 2004 meeting at the Folger Shakespeare Library:

  • Mr. Ojserkis reported on Annual Fund progress to date.
  • The Secretary reported on accomplishments to date stemming from the report of the Ad Hoc Committee to Review Alumni and Parent Programs.
  • The Committee voted to elect Samuel E. Rosenberg ’72, Chair of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council for 2004-05.
  • The Committee enjoyed lunch and comments by Ms. Paster and Mr. Kuhta after which Mr. Kuhta led the Committee on a tour of the Library including an extraordinary display of rare books and manuscripts with special remarks by the head of the conservation lab.
  • Committee members and guests subsequently left the Folger and were given a tour of the Capitol by Charles S. Johnson ’60, Parliamentarian of the House of Representatives, and treated to a discussion with Mr. Johnson and Representative Tom Davis ’70.

At its June 23, 2004 teleconference:

The following recommendations were approved and are submitted to the full Executive Committee of the Alumni Council by the members who participated in the conference call.

  • To exclude from the solicitable base of the Alumni Fund on a yearly basis non-graduates ten or more years out who have not given in the last ten years and non-graduates five to ten years out who have never given.
  • To send one special segmented Alumni Fund appeal to the above defined non-graduate non-donors each year.  Have this mailing also ask for updated contact information.
  • To send periodic inquiries or letters to non-graduate non-donors acknowledging their relationship to the College and ascertaining their mailing preferences.