We’re so glad you could join us for Amherst Today: Art at the Heart of the College. We hope to offer many more such programs, and we would appreciate your help in making them as good as they can be. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. Specific comments would be very much appreciated.

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Communication before the program: *
The chosen topic - Art at the Heart of the College: *
The required readings: *
The suggested readings: *
Open classes on Thursday: *
Keynote address: Library, Laboratory, Sanctuary, Stage: New Roles for the 21st Century College Art Museum: *
The Mead in Action Across the Curriculum: Notes and Anecdotes from the Study Room: *
Open Conversation with the Mead's Curatorial Team: *
Reception at the Mead Art Museum Friday evening: *
Dinner in Lewis Sebring Thursday evening: *
I Love the Mead student comments: *
Art After Dark: *
All Things Old are New Again: Presentations by Faculty: *
Faculty members, in order of comments, were Tekla Harms, professor of geology and director of the Beneski Museum of Natural History; Kim Townsend, Class of 1959 professor of English, emeritus; Victoria Maillo, lecturer of Spanish; and Robert T. Hayashi, professor of English and American Studies.
Reinventing Tokyo: Japan's Largest City in the Artistic Imagination: *
Break out session with Lizzie Barker, director of the Mead Art Museum: *
Break out session with Pamela Russell, head of education and Andrew W. Mellon curator of academic programs: *
Break out session with Randall Griffey, head of curatorial affairs and curator of American art: *
Break out session with Bettina Jungen, Thomas P. Whitney '37 curator of Russian art: *
Meals at Valentine (Thursday lunch, Friday breakfast and/or Friday lunch): *

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