early dorm room at Amherst strewn comically with books and clutter, year unknown

Bicentennial Zoom Backgrounds

“Is that your room?” Browse our gallery of historical photos, sized to use as Zoom backgrounds or computer wallpaper.

email signature screenshot

Bicentennial Email Signatures

Choose from a variety of Bicentennial-themed, customizable email signature templates.

mammoth roaming across the Holyoke range, Class of 2021 - phone wallpaper

Class of 2021 Computer & Phone Wallpapers

Get Class of 2021 Mammoth wallpapers for your phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

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A t-shirt and a sweatshirt with the Amherst College Bicentennial logo on them

We have non-virtual goodies, too!

Amherst is partnering with A.J. Hastings on items to celebrate the Bicentennial with clothes, gear, books and more. We’re excited to show our pride, gear up to show yours!

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Amherst College Bicentennial 1821-2021 animated logo tilting back and forth

Sepia-toned scene of campus with Mammoth changes to full color campus, Bicentennial 1821-2021

(The large graphic is also available as an MP4 file.)