Presidential Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion

Fall 2018 

  • David A. Cox, William J. Walker Professor of Mathematics, co-chair
  • Catherine Epstein, Dean of the Faculty, Professor of History
  • Jessica Gifford, Mental Health Educator 
  • Olusade Green '20
  • Allen Hart, James E. Ostendarp Professor of Psychology 
  • Norm Jones, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, co-chair
  • Karu Kozuma, Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Dina Levi, Director of Inclusive Leadership
  • Biddy Martin, President
  • Sebastian Merrill, Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Programs
  • Corey Michalos, Director of Community Standards
  • Jake Montes-Adams '21
  • Franklin Odo, Professor of American Institutions and International & Diplomacy
  • Marisa Parham, Professor of English; Director of the Five College Digital Humanities Project
  • Maria-Judith Rodriguez, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Justin Serpone, Soccer Head Coach
  • ShoYoung Shin '19
  • Jeremy Thomas '21

Heather Ruggeri, Assistant to Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Recorder