Have You Experienced Identity-Based Harm?

We are here to help.

The first step is to fill out our secure online form, which will be received by the Identity-Based Harm Review Team. We will determine which office is best suited to help, and someone from that office will reach back out to you confidentially.

Even if you are unsure whether the incident involved bias, please go ahead and fill out our form anyway. We want to know what happened, and we’ll work with you on next steps. 

What Happens After I Submit the Reporting Form?

When the College is made aware of an incident or situation potentially involving identity-based bias or harm, the report will be reviewed by the Identity-Based Harm Review Team. If the review team determines that an incident report describes actions potentially indicating identity-based bias that is not discrimination, harassment, or a violation of the honor code, yet is still harmful to the reporting individual or the community, the Bias Education Response Team will be notified and will develop a response.

If the report does not indicate bias, but instead discrimination, harassment, or a Title IX or a community standards violation, the report and/or the reporting party will be referred to the appropriate campus partner for follow-up.

Read a summary of the process and see a flowchart.

The Handbook

“Amherst aspires to create a more inclusive, compassionate, and respectful community in which every student, staff, and faculty member can thrive. Learning to identify incidents of bias and addressing them with support and education will help meet those goals.” — from the vision statement

Read the vision statement, the policy, and the full details about the processes, in Reporting and Responding to Bias: A Handbook.