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One of the essential factors impacting organizational change toward diversity, equity and inclusion is engaging in open, meaningful, and sustained critical conversations. These conversations can be about the experiences of employees, what is needed to create equitably structured workplaces, and/or how to reach a common and just understanding of work requirements. Despite the essential nature of having critical conversations, different challenges can arise that impact how we engage in conversations or maintain open communication. In this workshop, participants will learn tools to assist them in having more effective and sustained conversations in their workplace.


This workshop is designed to enhance participants’ skills by helping them:

  1. Learn ways to better prepare for or enter into difficult conversations;
  2. Explore how to implement empathetic listening;
  3. Identify and reflect on the ways we disengage from or alter the directions of conversations; 
  4. Analyze case studies of difficult conversations connected DEI;
  5. Practice applying skills to situations we may encounter at Amherst.

Presenter: Raquel Wood, Assistant Director of Inclusive Leadership, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Tuesday, August 2
9:00am – 12:00pm Porter Lounge, Converse Hall (in-person)