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The Identity & Inclusion series is foundational for DEI work at the college. The content of workshop is the basis for all other workshops; if you are new at the college and looking to engage with DEI work, please start here.

Before diving into addressing structural and institutional oppression, we must first be able to identify the various levels on which oppression plays out, and our own potential roles in perpetuating inequity.
Participants will continue to explore power and privilege as they play out in our own experiences, this time
through a lens of systemic marginalization, with the following goals:

  • Examine how oppression and marginalization are results of a system of oppression, and
    understand the various levels on which those systems play out
  • Consider how our own socialization is implicated in systems of inequality, and our roles
    in perpetuating them
  • Develop tools for challenging systems of oppression, specifically at Amherst

This workshop is open to any members of the community who have either participated in Identity &
Inclusion Part 1, or who have a strong understanding of the intersection between their identities and

Presenter    Dina Levi, Director of Inclusive Leadership, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Tuesday, July 12
9:00am – 12:00pm TBD (in-person)

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