About Us


In anchoring global realities at Amherst College, the Center for International Student Engagement (CISE) supports students of international experience through advocacy, centralized resources and space for community building and critical reflection.


A world in which borders do not dictate access to opportunity, knowledge and human connection.

“The CISE has surpassed all the expectations I had for it. It was through the casual conversations I had in the CISE that I realized that my international experience at Amherst College was not unique.

The CISE has acted as a platform, providing me with validation for my feelings by connecting me with people who share my experiences.”


Students siting and talking in a group in the Keefe Campus Center

It makes me feel so much better now knowing that if I have a question about, say, Optional Practical Training or even if I generally want to talk about global events, then there is an actual designated place that I can go to where people will know what I am talking about and can offer me support.”