Signature Events

A group of students speaking in the student center under a sign that reads MRC

“I feel like I connect with people here in the space through small things like playing music, dancing, food, coffee, laughter.”

“Happiness and unlimited joy is radical, and it happens every day in our center.”

Grab & Don’t Go

Grab your lunch and come to the MRC for community and conversation. The More You Know Celebrates students of color who have a thesis, capstone or any other culminating project of their work at Amherst.

A Seat at the Table

Highlights faculty and staff of color by providing a space for them to share how they have worked/fought/resisted in order to get their metaphorical or actual seat at the table.


An open forum for Amherst community members to talk about issues of race, ethnicity and cultural identity, and current events impacting us.


Celebrates Amherst's graduating seniors of color and seniors of the MRC.