Currently Scheduled: 2019

Talking about Diversity and Inclusion: Skills for Handling Sensitive Conversations

  • September 24, 9:30am-12pm, Alumni House

How do you express your concern when you are offended by someone else’s remarks?  How do you speak up when emotions are heightened?  What do you do if you are worried about being misunderstood?  How do you have the conversation that just seems too difficult to have?

Conversations around sensitive topics, with areas of disagreement or ambiguity, fear of making a mistake, or using a wrong word that might offend, are types of difficult conversations.  Many of us choose to avoid these, and others step into them sometimes not well prepared.  There are ways to improve how we think about difficult conversations, and skills we can learn to help express both the content and the feelings when the only choice might seem to be to fight or flee.

Through this program, explore the concepts that underlie a difficult conversation, and then practice the skills needed to improve our abilities in having them. Sign up today...

Identity & Inclusion, Part 1

  • October 2, 9am-12pm, Ford Hall Event Space

Participants will explore your own identities using a model of identity development and consider the impact of power and privilege in the ways in which we understand our own sense of self and that of others. Sign up today...

Identity & Inclusion, Part 2

  • November 6, 1pm-4pm, Ford Hall Event Space

Participants will continue to explore power and privilege as they play out in our own experiences, this time through a lens of systemic marginalization. Sign up today...

Transformative Change

  • December 4, 9am-1pm, Alumni House

This third part in the Identity & Inclusion series. Builds off of the work participants have done to raise their awareness of both the lenses that shape our experiences and the context in which we operate, setting the foundation for the application of two different theories towards transformative change. Sign up today...

Trans Inclusion in the Workplace, Part 1

  • Friday, October 11, 1-3pm, Alumni House

This introductory level workshop will explore the core concepts of gender identity as they relate to the trans and gender non-binary experience. Open to all staff and faculty, participants will develop a stronger understanding of some of the factors at play in how gender and gender assumptions play out in our society, as well as a baseline understanding of some of the ways to begin creating inclusive spaces for trans and gender non-binary individuals. Sign up today...

Trans Inclusion in the Workplace, Part 2

  • October 24, 9-11am, Friedmann Room

Open to all staff and faculty who have completed Part 1 or have a basic understanding of the core concepts of gender identity as they relate to the trans and gender non-binary experience. This workshop will dive deeper into the concept of creating inclusive spaces, particularly here at Amherst College, for trans and non-binary individuals. Participants will come away with specific tools on how to create positive change in the space in which they work, as well as how to recognize and interrupt both specific situations and larger systems of bias. Sign up today...

Hiring for Diversity & Inclusion

  • Tuesday, October 29, 10am-12pm, Alumni House

The Office of Human Resources and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion are teaming up to offer this two-hour session on hiring for diversity and inclusion. Learn best practices for achieving a diverse candidate pool and an inclusive search process. Topics include:

  • job descriptions and postings
  • effective interview strategies
  • managing implicit bias

This workshop is intended for anyone who will be serving on a staff search committee or participating in the hiring of staff in their department. Sign up today...