2020 Cohort

Selected in the Spring of 2018, in the second semester of their sophomore year, the inaugural cohort of MMUF fellows at Amherst is expected to graduate in Spring of 2020.

Photo of MMUF Fellow Katy Correia

Katy Correia

Major: Spanish and Psychology
Hometown: McLean, VA
Field of study: Foreign Languages and Literatures
Advisor & Department: Ilan Stavans; Spanish


Research Interest: Spanish language, literature, culture, and how women fit into the framework of Spanish-speaking societies.

Fun fact: I was born in Santiago, Chile and have lived in five countries!

A photo of DANIEL DELGADO Daniel Delgado

Major: Black Studies
Hometown: Miami, FL
Field of study: U.S. and Cuban History
Advisor & Department: Professor Del Moral; American Studies, Black Studies


Research Interest: “History of Latin America & the Caribbean; Urban History; The Atlantic World; Imperialism and Colonialism; Political History; Transnational History; Global Migration”

Fun fact: I am fairly proficient at riding a RipStik.

A photo of KOLAWOLE "KOLA" HEYWARD-ROTIMI Kolawole “Kola” Heyward-Rotimi

Major(s): Computer Science and English
Hometown: Durham, NC
Field of study: Computer Science and English
Advisor & Department: Marisa Parham; English


Research Interest: The ways in which digital and physical spaces interact with each other, with a focus on how individuals subvert restricted virtual systems.

Fun fact: I am a published author in Clarkesworld Magazine and I am currently searching for representation on my most recently completed novel.

A photo of VICTOR "CHIMAWAY" LOPEZ Chimaway Lopez

Major: Environmental Studies and American Studies, plus the Five College Native and Indigenous Studies Certificate
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Field of study: Indigenous Studies
Advisor & Department: Lisa Brooks; English and American Studies


Research Interest: The intersection between Indigenous studies and Environmental studies, focusing on agency, power, and place as a basis for Indigenous futures beyond the Anthropocene. This includes the political and philosophical implications of indigenous language revitalization, focusing specifically on the language of Šmuwič (Barbareño Chumash).

Fun fact: I am Left-Handed.

2021 Cohort

Selected in the Spring of 2019, in the second semester of their sophomore year, the inaugural cohort of MMUF fellows at Amherst is expected to graduate in Spring of 2021.

A photo of DJ Boakye DJ Boakye

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Accra, Ghana and Lorton, Virginia
Field of study: American Studies (focus on the Asian and Black diaspora), English
Advisor & Department: Prof. Ron Lembo, Sociology and Media Studies.


Research Interest: Exploring the power of pop culture and media in producing ideas about race, gender and intimacy through collecting and studying representations of Black women and Asian men in romance novels.

Fun fact: DJ is short for Dorjohn which is a combination of my parent's name Doris and John.

A photo of Djelimory Diabate Djelimory Diabate

Major: Black Studies, Asian Languages and Civilizations
Hometown: Durham, NC
Field of study: Africana Studies, Islamic Legal Studies
Advisor & Department: Professor Olufemi Vaughan, Black Studies


Research Interest: How the written works of Islamic reformists in nineteenth-century West Africa reflect the tensions between building a pious Islamic state and society and their local indigenous contexts. 

Fun fact: I play for the Amherst Men's Basketball team. 

A photo of Cy Nguyen Cy Nguyen

Major: Asian Languages & Civilizations, Sociology
Hometown: Garden Grove, California
Field of study: Demography
Advisor & Department: Asian Languages & Civilizations (Samuel Morse), Sociology


Research Interest: Migrational Patterns of Vietnamese-Americans and Vietnamese-Japanese, including but not limited to, migrational LGBTQ+ experiences, interracial marriages, and labor force discrimination.

Fun fact: Every year, I have the goal of seeing at least 100 new movies!

A photo of Anthony Phillips Anthony Phillips

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Harlem, New York City
Advisor & Department: Marisa Parham, English Department


Research Interest: Education, Gender and Sexuality, Race

Fun fact: I love french bulldogs 

A photo of Manuel Rodriguez Manuel Rodriguez

Major: Latinx and Latin American Studies
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Field of Study: Latinx Religion, Latinx Educational Mobility, Latinx Identity
Advisor & Department: Prof. Schmalzbauer; Sociology, American Studies, Latinx and Latin American Studies
Research Interest: The role religion has in the shaping of identity among Amherst Latinx students
Fun Fact: I play the saxophone and bass clarinet, and enjoy playing jazz music with those instruments