Our Mission

Consistent with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s objective of promoting excellence and diversity, and with the assistance of faculty and staff, the overarching mission for the Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success (AESS) is to assist Amherst students from diverse backgrounds to effectively navigate the wide range of academic opportunities in the College. While collaborating with faculty and staff across campus and providing targeted resources, AESS seek to enhance our students’ educational experience on campus and thereby enhance their opportunities for graduate studies and professional development once they graduate from Amherst College.

A large lobby with a high ceiling filled with students and large posters AESS is primarily concerned with advancing the following four objectives:

  • facilitating a quick and smooth transition to the culture and values of Amherst College, so that students can acquire the information and skills that will allow them to take full advantage of its educational opportunities
  • providing students with sustained institutional support that will enhance their qualification for admission and ensure their success in graduate and professional schools
  • providing ongoing academic and professional development opportunities
  • nurturing a community of undergraduate scholars who are dedicated to academic excellence and diversity

In addition to connecting students to a network of faculty and staff mentors, AESS administers the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) and the Wade Fellowship, and supports the Summer Science Program.

A group of students around a table talking with President Biddy Martin

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF)

Amherst College established the MMUF Program to promote diversity and academic excellence in colleges and universities across the United States.

A group of students listening and taking notes in a large lecture hall

Wade Fellowship

The Wade Fellowship works to strengthen the black community at Amherst, including organizing the Afro-American Society and engaging in ongoing diversity and inclusion work.