Solidarity Spaces and Support Circles

Amherst’s Resource Center teams are offering a series of solidarity spaces and support circles. Several sessions took place in July, 2020, and more are planned. Learn more.

Mental Health Resources

  • Students in need of mental health support should access the confidential counseling and referral services at the Counseling Center (413.542.2354). The Center continues to offer a variety of services for students: support groups specifically related to racial and other affinities, help accessing care in your current location, urgent care, and individual counseling.
  • Faculty and staff needing mental health support should contact New Directions, Amherst’s Employee Assistance Plan (EAP). New Directions is a comprehensive, confidential resource that employees can access at any time, either through the website or by calling 1.800.624.5544. (You will need to enter our “company code”: Amherst College.)

two students discuss a topic in a Black Studies class

Courses on Race and Racism

The Registrar’s Office has published a catalog supplement highlighting courses about race and racism in the United States.

Reading Lists and Multi-Media Resources

Community Resources

Campus Resources for Identity-Based Harassment

  • Students, staff, and faculty who become the target of bias, harassment, or assault – verbal or physical – should immediately call for help. If you are on campus, call ACPD at 413-542-2291. If you are in the town of Amherst call the town police at 413-259-3000. (Amherst Chief of Police Scott Livingstone and other town officials released a statement condemning the actions of Minneapolis police officers in the death of George Floyd, and affirming their commitment to community-based policing.)
  • If you are a student, report all incidents of bias, threat, or harassment, whether online or in-person, to the Dean of Students, Liz Agosto (, or Associate Dean, Dean Gendron (
  • If you are faculty, please report all incidents to the Office of the Provost and Dean of Faculty; if staff, please report incidents to the Office of Human Resources.
  • The Department of East Asian Studies at Harvard has compiled a list of resources for Asian and AAPI students that everyone, regardless of identity, should consider reading through.

Statement from the Amherst College Police Department

The Amherst College Police Department (ACPD)—its leadership, supervisors, and staff—join our campus community in denouncing the violent racist actions that resulted in the senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  

ACPD holds sacred the phrase "to protect and serve;" our actions will always reflect this value. We have long embraced our role as community caretakers. We work hard to build and maintain a culture, underpinned by practices and policies, that support just and equitable policing. Our highest priority is to treat people with dignity and respect thus creating an environment of trust with the community. We know we need to earn that trust, and we take that commitment very seriously. 

Guided by the President’s Task Force Report on Policing in the 21st Century developed during the Obama administration, we seek to work proactively with our community to build relationships and engage in collaborative approaches to supporting and making the community safer. This is reflected in our close relationships with the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Beyond the basic requirements for law enforcement training, ACPD focuses on training that is specifically relevant to our diverse community, such as focused training on trauma-aware investigations, fair and impartial policing, solution-based community policing, implicit bias, and transgender awareness. 

We continue to commit to building trust and legitimacy, developing strong policy and oversight, connecting with our community, and being the best-educated and thoughtfully-trained department we can be.