Amherst College Sustainabilty Report Card 2010

Cambridge, Mass. (October 7, 2009) – Despite budget-breaking investment losses and widely fluctuating energy costs, many schools became greener during the last year, earning higher grades on the College Sustainability Report Card 2010.

Link to Sustainiablity Report Card: Amherst College Sustainability Report Card 2010

Amherst Goes Greener

Amherst, Mass. (October 6, 2009) - In its continuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, Amherst College will be buying its electricity from a greener source, and be a Green Power Partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read More

Amherst College & Saving the Turtles

Amherst, MA (September 24, 2009) - Spotting the brownish-gray and orange shell of the wood turtle in hay fields or along the banks of rivers in Western Massachusetts these days has become an increasingly rare occurrence. But not if Amherst College can help it. Read More

It’s Easy Being Green: Continued Strides in Sustainability at Amherst College

Amherst, MA (September 8, 2008) - When Amherst College students returned to their alma mater last week, they may have noticed what Jim Brassord, director of facilities and associate treasurer for campus services, calls a “big green reminder of our commitment to the environment”: Solar panels on Mayo-Smith House, one of the most visible residence halls on campus located at the corner of Route 9 and 116 in Amherst. The panels, which will provide the building with 60 percent of the heat needed for its hot water, are one of several new initiatives focused on campus sustainability at the college. Read More

Car Sharing Gains Traction

Zipcar Jim2

(August 6, 2007) - Instead of owning a car, imagine being able to rent one for just a few hours at a time when needed. Read More Photo by John Suchocki/The Republican