The 3rd Annual Trash-to-Fashion Show is on April 20th @ 8pm! 

trash to fashion 2015

What to be a designer, model, or help with the event ? Sign up here before April 15th! 

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Rules for the Show:

  • Designs must be composed of post-consumer materials. These are non-hazardous materials that have served their intended use and have been diverted or recovered. They can be sourced on campus or from a local business. Clothes that have been placed in the donation bin are not considered post-consumer, but clothes that have been ripped or ruin beyond repair may be useful as long as it is crafted into something “new”. Use your best judgment and play fair! New materials may be needed for creating the piece (thread, glue, tape) and pulling everything together aesthetically, but these should make up less than 25% of the design. 
  • Designers can be individuals or teams. Designers can create more than one look if space is available on the program. Designers can choose a model on their own, or from the list of interested participants on the Google Doc.  
  • Designs must be original
  • Designers will be asked to summit the following information about their design to,, or by April 16th:
  1. Outfit name
  2. Designer(s)/Team Name
  3. Model
  4. Materials
  5. Outfit description to be read during the event including an environmental factoid related to the outfit. 
  6. Music to accompany the model on the runway to support the theme of the design
  • Outfits will be judged by the trash-to-fashion judges and prizes will be awarded. Awards will include best overall (design, materials, presentation), most creative use of materials, crowd favorite, and best teamwork. Designers and models will meet with the judges prior to the start of the runway event to see the design up close and learn about the materials used.


How do I get materials? Be creative! Dumpster dive, raid the recycling bin, or ask your favorite Amherst College staff or faculty to save you something that you know they throw away. You can also reach out to local stores to collect material there.

How do I form a team/identify a model?  You can design on your own, grab some friends, or design together as a dorm, club or sports team.  We have a list of interested models on the website that you can choose from or feel free to pick a friend, someone on the design team, or yourself!

Where can I go for inspiration? Google is always a great option, but here are a few more places for inspiration.

Pinterest - search trash fashion or recycled fashion

EWCPA Recycling Fashion Show

CTNOW Trashion

Bloomington Trashion/

Trashion Fashion Show

Recycle Runway

Pictures from the University of Albany event

Pictures from our event last year

Where will I dress my model? If possible, dress in the dorms and come over ready to the Powerhouse.  There will be limited space available in the Powerhouse if you need to dress there, but it will not be private so please plan accordingly. Models will be expected to be dressed 30 minutes prior to the show start so they can meet with the judges.

What is the point of all this? The main objective is to have fun and come together as a community to celebrate creativity and earth day. We also hope this event will help raise awareness about waste on campus.