Johnson Chapel and the Quad

Global climate change is a defining issue of our time. Without action, we face devastating, irreversible impacts on our ecosystems and livelihoods. While Amherst College has previously taken significant steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we have not set quantitative greenhouse gas reduction targets or consistently reported on our progress. There is more we can and will do to lessen our environmental impact and carbon footprint, and a key step is developing a Climate Action Plan.

A Climate Action Plan sets comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction targets and strategies to achieve them. In January 2015, a broadly representational campus Climate Action Plan Task Force was formed to support the Office of Environmental Sustainability on this initiative. The Task Force, with input from the campus community, will develop a recommended plan for consideration by senior staff and the Board of Trustees.

This site will serve as a resource for all the information developed by the Task Force, leading up to a draft recommended plan for community members to offer comments, thoughts, and suggestions. The Task Force Meeting Materials page includes all presentations and meeting notes to date, and the Draft Documents for Review page currently includes the draft guiding principles. We anticipate that the draft recommended plan will be available in fall 2017. 

Interested in learning more?

We will develop a mailing list for those interested in following the process closely. If you interested in joinging the mailling list, or have any questions or general comments, you can reach us at