Amherst College Bike Share

The Amherst College Bike Share, or ACBS, is a free service for the students of Amherst College to use. Its goal is to promote sustainable travel and recreation to a student population that may not have the tools necessary to participate in an environmentally conscious platform of transportation.

Close-up photo of a bike with a sticker on the cross-bar that says AC Bike Share

Navigate through the menu on the bottom for all you need to know to be a Bike Sharer. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Bike Share, feel free to reach out to us at

Current Hours

UPDATE: Fall 2017 bike share will end November 17th. The last day to check out bikes will be November 16th. Thanks for a great season! 

All Bikes are due back November 17th. See you in the spring!

Bikes can be checked out whenever the Keefe campus center manager desk is open, and are due back the following day by 6 pm. 

How it Works

1)Read and understand the information below. 

2) Sign the electronic waiver

3) Go to the Campus Center Manager (CCM) booth with your Amherst College Student ID to check in and out a bike. They will give you a key to a bike if available. When you return your bike, go back to the CCM booth to return the key, rescan your Student ID, and you are all set!

4)If you return a bike late, you will not be able to check out a bike until you have paid your fee. 

Sign a Waiver

Link to Waiver

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Checking Out/In a Bike 

In order to check out a bicycle (once the waiver has already been signed and processed), you go to the Campus Center Manager (CCM) booth, located at the entrance of Keefe Campus Center. The CCM at the booth will check to see if there are available bikes, and if there are, you will be given a key to a bike. You will need to scan your student ID to check out the bike and again when you return the bike. You then will walk over to the Bike Share rack located at the side entrance of James Hall, where you will locate the bicycle corresponding to your key number. You can then unlock your bicycle and ride it!

Your bike is available for you to use until 6 pm of the following day (so if you check the bicycle out anytime on Monday, it will be due back in the bike rack by 6 pm on Tuesday). By 6 pm, the bicycle (as well as the bicycle gear that came with it) must be locked to the dock, and the key must be returned to the person working at the front desk. If your bicycle, bicycle gear, lock, and lock key are not returned by 6 pm, you will incur a late fee, which is discussed below.

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What if I Damage the Bike?

When you return the bicycle, it is your responsibility to email if there has been any damage to the bike or if you have been in an accident. Please include “Damage” in the subject line. Failure to report damages may result in charges.

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Availablity During Winter 

The Amherst College Bike Share Committee discerns when to take the bikes out in the spring, and when to put them back inside in the fall. You will be notified by email with a few days warning in the fall when the bicycles are going to be taken inside for the winter.

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Where You Can Ride

You are allowed to ride ACBS bicycles within the confines of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) bus system route (to see a map of the PVTA route, click here.) The reason we specify this is that, in case something goes wrong with your bicycle, you can always return back to campus via PVTA.

We highly recommend that you do not ride your bicycle at night. If you must ride when it is dark outside, wear light colored, reflective clothing, and be sure to use the front and rear lights that are attached to the bicycle.

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What to Do in the Case of an Accident 

If you get in an accident and you are injured, call 911 from off campus or ACEMS at 413-542-2111 from on campus. If you get in an accident and you are not injured but the bicycle is no longer safely functional, bring the bicycle back to Amherst via the PVTA if possible; otherwise, lock it up and note where it has been locked up. Return to campus, and come to Keefe Campus Center Manager booth. Return the key to the bike as to not incur late fees, but let the center manger on duty know that the given bike should not be checked out again until further notice. Email The Bike Share Committee (the student leaders of ACBS) will contact you for further information if necessary. 

A Note on Helmets: Amherst College Bike Share will not be providing helmets for two reasons: (1) Helmets are best effective if they are fit to your head. A one-size-fits-all helmet does not provide nearly as much protection as a custom fit one. (2) If someone using the helmet before you gets into an accident while wearing the helmet, the helmet may have been compromised. This would then reduce the amount of protection provided by the helmet. Therefore, ACBS strongly encourages its users to wear their own helmets when riding ACBS bikes. 

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How Late Fees Function 

If you do not return your bicycle, lock, and lock key by 6 pm of the following day, you will incur a $5 late fee charge. For every day after that that you do not return the bicycle, lock, and bicycle gear, you will incur a $10 late fee chargeAfter 10 days, the bicycle, lock, and bicycle gear will be reported stolen to the Amherst College Police, and you must pay the full price of the bicycle, lock, and bicycle gear. If you are missing any one item, you are responsible for the cost of that one item. If you lose the bicycle lock key, you are responsible for the cost of a new lock. 

If on a given day you are unable to return the bike on time due to emergencies or any other important engagements, we require that you email the Bike Share Manager at to avoid late fee penalties. Please inform and explain to us ahead of time that you will not be returning the bike on time and when you will be able to return it. We will be understanding and reasonable to late return requests. 

You may not use the Bike Share program until you pay all late fees. You will pay your late fees to the Office of Sustainability. Fees must be paid in cash and brought to the Office. Email to set up a time to drop off your late fee. 

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Bike Rental Renewals 

To avoid individual overuses of the limited number of bikes available, bike rental renewals or the immediate checking-out of another bike upon return will not be allowed. The soonest a user can use Bike Share again after returning a bike would be after 7 pm of the day the return occurred. This allows time for the Bike Share Managers to perform routine checks on the bikes to ensure that the bikes are safe for all Bike Share users. Please be understanding, and acknowledge that there are potentially other Bike Share users who may have as urgent a need to use Bike Share as you do. For any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email

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