Eco-Reps Fall 2015

Apply to be an Eco-Rep today! Applications due Friday, September 18th at 12:00pm.

Fall 2015 Application

What are Eco-Reps?

Eco-reps are student leaders who empower their dorm community to live more sustainably. With help from the Office of Environmental Sustainability (OES), eco-reps provide information for their dorm and work on projects to create an environmentally-friendly place to live. Their efforts focus on issues such as energy and water use, waste accumulation, recycling, and much more. The goal is not to police one another’s actions, but to come together as a dorm community around shared values of healthy and sustainable living.


Who should apply?

The Eco-rep program is perfect for first-year students interested in environmental issues or who wants to improve the culture of sustainability in their dorm. It is a great opportunity for students interested in regularly engaging with their dormmates and RCs and helping to create a positive atmosphere in their dorm.


What do Eco-reps do?

Eco-reps hold their position for one semester with the option of continuing into the spring semester if they desire. They will be guided and helped along the way by an upperclassman mentor as well as the OES. Eco-reps will host an interactive information session for their dorm, develop their own unique project with a discretionary budget, take part in the Eco-fair in October, and generally act as a liaison between students and the staff members who work on campus sustainability every day. 


Applications available Monday, September 14th and due Friday, September 18th at 12:00pm.