Sustainability LEAP Programs

LEAP: Learn, Explore, Activate, Participate

Would you like to spend your first weekend at Amherst College working on a farm or exploring ways to solve climate change? Then these are the LEAP programs for you! We have two trips on offer — Farm and Solving Climate Change — both providing you with a chance to learn more about your new home and the surrounding communities, form bonds with your classmates, and have fun!

Farm LEAP Program

orientation dinner at the farm Sunflower_Rob Mattson.jpg student on farm2_Rob Mattson.jpg

Should you choose to spend your time at Book & Plow Farm during Orientation you can expect to work hard, laugh a lot, discuss the state of agriculture in America, be introduced to swimming holes in the afternoons (if it’s hot), harvest produce that goes right to your dining hall, meet and connect with other students who are concerned about food and sustainability and the earth, talk about Drake’s album Views, Beyonce’s Lemonade, if it’s going to be Hilary or Donald, if you really think your roommate’s dating relationship from home will last past Thanksgiving, and how to make Amherst College and Book & Plow Farm continue to move in a sustainable direction.  It’ll be fun.  I promise.

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Solving Climate Change LEAP Program 

Bonfire with the Farm LEAP Touring Cow Power at Barstow's Farm Hiking to see Wind and Solar Power in the Berkshires

Are you interested in climate change and how to address it? Do you want to have a better understanding of renewable energy and local food systems? Do you want to leave Amherst College more sustainable than you found it? Then Solving Climate Change is the LEAP program for you.  During this program, you will:

  • Get to know each other, your new home, and your new community.  
  • Learn about renewable energy, local food, and actions we need to take globally, nationally, and locally to combat climate change.
  • Feel empowered to help create a more sustainable Amherst College.
  • Have fun!

Program activities include: 

  • Tours of renewable energy facilities and local farms in our surrounding communities
  • Games/competitions to simulate climate change action, sustainable product development, and campus sustainability improvements
  • Picnics, mountain coasters, get togethers with the farm LEAP, and other outdoor relaxation/recreation time

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