Amherst magazine summer 2017 cover


Summer 2017

Only Time Will Tell

What’s life been like for the only children born under China’s one-child policy? Anthropology professor Vanessa Fong ’96 knows the answers, and they’re revelatory.

by Katharine Whittemore




Illustration by Michael Waraksa

The Star-Crossed Astronomer

Total solar eclipses are visible from Earth every year, but the chance to see one from any specific point is rare. In Amherst, for example, totality comes around once in about 375 years. 

by Julie Dobrow

John Block ’01 & Gavin Grimm

Beyond the Bathroom

Barred from the boys' room at his high school in Virginia, Gavin Grimm became a young civil rights icon, with a case that's reached the doorstep of the U.S. Supreme Court. His lawyer? Josh Block ’01.

by Josh Fischel ’00


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