50th Reunion

John Minnick 35-2.png My avocation when gainfully employed has become my vocation in retirement. That is, after living with a constitutional question all my adult life, I finally have an office, secretarial help, and strong support.

A year ago, I was elected Volunteer Executive Vice-president of Patriotic Education, Inc. National headquarters were moved from Daytona Beach, Florida, to 435 North Lee Street, Alexandria, Virginia; and, since January 24 of this year, I have been serving as Volunteer President.

John Minnick 35.png At PEl, we publish and market print materials, such as: "The Making of George Washington,” by Gen. William H. Wilbur; "George Washington, Architect of the Constitution " by Henry B. Watson; "The Key to the Constitution," by Henry B. Watson; "Our Flag and Other Symbols of Americanism," by Robert Weaver and other patriotic materials suitable for use in schools, homes, churches, and offices.

Along with my duties at PEl, I am a National Archives Volunteer staff aid assigned to the Constitution Study Group. We hold lecture meetings monthly on Constitutional issues, and are planning a series of seminars. In fact, it may be possible to have one or more dry runs, before starting our seminar on "Separation of Powers Versus Delegation of Powers" during our 50th reunion.

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