Deceased July 12, 2007

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In Memory

Our Class agent has left us.  No, he did not jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet again, but in his nineties, Armand was still going full speed ahead.  His lifelong activities included trips to the North and South Poles and visits to virtually every country on the face of the earth.

Not one to sit around, Armand fulfilled his duties as professor of foreign languages for forty years teaching Spanish and Italian at West VirginiaUniv.  He was considered an authority on Don Juan.  Armand also pursued a wide range of other interests which he continued in retirement.  Among these were philately, limericks, hiking, and jazz, and he was a published author in many of these areas.

Armand was indeed a Renaissance man as exemplified by his wide ranging avocational and scholarly endeavors.  Before committing to the Romance languages, Armand thought about chemistry while at the College but abandoned that idea after a lab explosion.  He also considered paleontology but was told there were too few jobs.

Armand’s great joy was travel.  He and his wife Mary covered the globe, including every continent and ocean.  Following her death, Armand continued exploring with daughter Ann, a travel planner.  When we last saw him, he had returned from Morgantown as one of the five record breaking alums at our 70th Reunion but ducked out early to visit some of his favorite national parks out west.

Armand may find heaven a little tame, and we, his earthly classmates, will miss him.

John D. Leinbach ’35

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