Deceased September 19, 1998

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In Memory

Our leading thespian has taken his final curtain call.

Frank Wilson—do you remember?—was the star and leading man in many a Masquers' production. A slim, blond, handsome rascal, he seemed a natural as he patrolled the stage in College Hall. If anyone was going to kiss the leading lady (often imported from Mount Holyoke), he would be the lucky guy.

Frank was born in Jacksonville, FL, and grew up there. His brother preceded him at Amherst, Class of 1933. Arriving on campus, he promptly pledged Beta Theta Pi and joined the brothers there. Soon he found a special niche in the Masquers. Equally, he proved to be an apt student, and, four years later, had earned a diploma cum laude.

Entering the cold, cruel world post-graduation, we envisioned him as the next Hollywood heartthrob, a rival of Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant, the second coming of Burgess Meredith.

What path he took we will never know. Frank asked to be dropped from the College mailing list. (Perhaps he was embarrassed by the frequency of Williams' victories on the gridiron.) Anyway, we lost touch with him completely—where he lived, what he did for a living, whether he married and had children.

The only communique to reach us since that time is the sad word that he has died. Farewell, sweet prince!

John D. Leinbach '35

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