Deceased March 10, 2001

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In Memory

The Music Man has left us. Glyn died last March at his newly adopted home of Boca Raton on Florida's East Coast. His beloved banjo will henceforth be silent.

Glyn came to us from the high school in Cortland, a city very near New York's Finger Lakes. For four years, he Deked it out here at Amherst before tackling the cold, cruel world of the depression years. But he had a place to go; as the oldest son, he entered the family business—three general merchandising stores in the Cortland area. He soon became number one and continued there until 1964. Meanwhile, he also did some selling for such national outfits as Kayser-Roth. He retired from business in 1973.

Glyn also had other interests that kept him busy. One was Rotary. He was an active member for 68 years and, at one time, had a 48-year record of perfect attendance. His special concern there was the crippled children, and, over the years, he raised a lot of money for the cause. Later, recognizing his dedicated service, Rotary granted him a Paul Harris Foundation Award, a signal honor. Further, on his 90th birthday, last year, the Grand Island chapter saluted him with a lifetime membership, and the governor of New York sent a commendation.

Other interests included boating and fishing, pursued with zest as a member of the Buffalo Launch Club, which he claimed was the oldest fresh-water yacht club in the country.

But his all-pervasive interest was his trusty banjo. In the late '60s, after moving to Buffalo, Glyn started, with a few of his friends, what was to become the Buffalo Banjo Club. From small beginnings, the band grew to 35 members, all of them accomplished musicians. They became a major source of entertainment in the western New York area, even performing at times with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Glyn lost his wife several years ago, but his two sons survive, as well as three grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

One of his sons, Tracy, sends a message to us: "My father was proud of his years at Amherst and was very fond of all the members of his class."

There remains a warm spot in each of our hearts for you, too, Glyn.

John D. Leinbach '35

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