Deceased January 19, 2000

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In Memory

The man who disdained his first name but sparked to his others, Frederick Frederickson, has left us. He died in the first month of the year 2000.

Fred came to us from Norwood, MA, a lad with a special talent in music. You may remember him as the accompanist for the glee club. His challenge: to keep all those incipient Sinatras in the same key. To vent his frustrations, presumably, he majored in German. Although membership in Phi Psi might have helped.

After graduation, facing the same dilemma so many of us did, he had to scramble to find work and ended up in retailing. Along came the next obstacle—in common with the rest of us—the War. But it did enable him to spend three lovely years observing the beauties of Guadalcanal—when the Japanese cooperated.

Once again, Fred returned to retailing until he made a slight change in direction, entering the employ of Laird DeVou, Inc., a wholesale house. He served as office manager there from 1955 to 1964.

At this point, Fred decided to start his own business in Brewster on the Cape called the Brass Bell Gift Shop which he maintained until 1989. As a bonus, Fred had a chance to resume his musical activities. For ten years he played the organ at the Brewster Methodist Church. Plus, he joined that much-in-demand group, the Cape Cod Geritol Band.

Fred never married, so he had no opportunity to add to the number of the Frederickson clan who have attended his alma mater.

Fred was a quiet fellow and very likable. Another good man gone west, and we will miss him.

John D. Leinbach '35

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