Deceased February 28, 1999

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In Memory

Word has reached us, thanks to the alert Harry Petersen of the Class of 1942, that Lee Wasserman died last March. A sad advisement, but not a total surprise since Lee had been in failing health.

We remember Lee from his years at Amherst, where he became literate. He went on to MIT, earning a master's degree there, and becoming engineering-smart.

It was the start of a brilliant career in aerodynamics. Lee began as a structural engineer at Curtiss Wright. Shortly after that, he moved to Sperry Gyroscope where he became an instrumentation engineer. Then, in 1939 and lasting through 1953, Lee served as chief of the Flutter Group and later as chief scientist of the Aerodynamics Research Group at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

In 1953, Lee left to found his own company, Dynamic Devices, Inc. The business of his company was to build precision model airplanes following the plans and blueprints for advance designs of military and civilian planes, then to test their flightworthiness and safety. This, as you may know, is an essential step in avoiding disastrous mistakes and money-wasting setbacks by the plane companies. Lee worked with such manufacturers as McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Lockheed and Grumman. You and I may very well have benefited from this work.

So absorbed was Lee in his work that he forgot to get married until an advanced age; he was forty-six when he found Louise. But they had thirty-nine good years together and, during one of them, welcomed a son, Jack.

We'll miss you, Lee, at our coming 65th Reunion. But perhaps you have found a better place to go. We hope so.

John Leinbach '35

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