Deceased July 15, 2000

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In Memory

He was with us only a short time, so possibly you don't remember him.

Oscar got himself born way down in Portland, Maine. His early years were spent in Bangor, and he attended the high school there. Then, he decided to see what was going on in the Southland, and came to Amherst. What he saw on our beautiful campus—it was before the Hurricane of 1938, remember that wiped out all the large shade trees in the quad—he liked. So he pledged Phi Gam, and stayed.
But only for the rest of the year. Then he transferred to the University of Maine in Orono. Good thing he did because, in his junior year there, he discovered a likely young miss named Angela Johnson. He married her promptly.

Finishing his course at Orono, he enrolled at Harvard to study law, graduating in 1938.

This led to a position in the legal department of the Penobscot Company, a pulp and paper manufacturer in Bangor. Where he stayed the rest of his business life.

Oscar and Angela lived quietly in nearby Columbia Falls with their daughter, Rebecca. Until two years ago, when Oscar quietly died.

Would that we had known you better, Oscar.

John D. Leinbach '35

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