Deceased October 17, 1984

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In Memory

Stu Hurlbert, 71, one of 1935’s most loyal members and a devoted alumnus of the College, died Oct. 17, 1984, of injuries suffered in an auto accident in Charlotte, N.C. At the time, he was visiting classmate and fraternity brother Stan Bryant ’35, who lives over the state line in Clover, S.C.

The retired head of the Stuart C. Hurlbert Co., a textile firm in Framingham, Mass., which he founded in the late ’60s, Stu had previously worked for the Ludlow Corp. (textiles) for 33 years. Stu’s company, which he left in 1983, deals in jute, linen and thread in this country and overseas. An imaginative businessman, he also marketed an extensive line of specialty items for duck hunters through the “Old Guide,” a mail order catalog operation. Despite formal leave-taking, he still represented his firm in Maine and New Hampshire.

Stu was born in the Hyde Park section of Boston on Jan. 23, 1913, and graduated from Roxbury Latin School. At Amherst he was a DU and was active in football and wrestling and, says the ’35 Olio, playing bridge. In World War II he was a navy lieutenant, serving in the Pacific. Latter-day interests included gardening, fishing and traveling.

Surviving Stu is his second wife, Serena, to whom he was married less than three years. She has endeared herself to ’35ers at our last three mini-reunions. His first wife, the late Jane Bryant, was the mother of their four children: Dr. Stuart H. ’61, Cynthia Steil, Richard and Susan Etkind. Also surviving are a stepdaughter, Sally Ford; a sister; four grandchildren; and one step-grandchild.

Following retirement, Stu and Serena moved to Durham, N.H., from Wellesley, Mass., where Stu had been a longtime resident. The class extends its deepest sympathy to Serena. See the 1935 class notes for more about Stu, a faithful friend we’ll all miss very much.

Walter C. Meyer ’35


We asked one of Stu’s very closest friends, Nat Grose ’36, to write a short memoir. Here it is:

Our close friendship started at Amherst. Stu was a year ahead of me and was born the same day as my brother Jack ‘35.

My wife, Ellie, and I were married three months before he and Jane, but our honeymoons were shared in adjacent apartments in St. Louis. Ellie still called him “gentle” despite the tarantulas, or whatever, he brought back to the zoo. (Better ask Nat about that one!]

Many are the stories to tell of the happy times our families enjoyed together as the children were growing up.

Lately Stu and I had been talking a lot about those times; especially when we went trout fishing at Megantic or when regaling his wonderful bride, Serena, with the stories. We had been looking forward to a lot more of the same.

Stu will always be with us.

Nat Grose ’36

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