Deceased September 22, 1999

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In Memory

We all remember Bill. He was one of the handsome guys in our Class. When you had a date and he entered the room, you got nervous. Fortunately, he was a nice guy as well.

No one ever held it against him that he came from Woburn; hey, somebody had to come from there. Besides, he developed a certain amount of aplomb at the Taft School and a coating of sophistication reciting Latin in Professor Reberts's class.

Graduating at a time when jobs were scarcer than people, he promptly found one—in the training group at R.H. Macy, the famous New York department store. After a year of retailing, he opted for more education, entering the Wharton School of the Univ. of Pennsylvania.

Now armed with an M.B.A. in marketing, Bill found a position in advertising at Gladding's in Providence. He spent a couple of years there, dreaming up lures for unsuspecting shoppers, not to mention for an attractive young lady who also worked there. Such didoes were against company policy. But even if the company said No, Beulah Carrigan said Yes.

For a honeymoon, Bill got to enjoy four years in the U.S. Coast Guard, without his bride, keeping alien invaders from our shores.
Back to work at Gladding's, where he stayed until 1956. Then to Shartenberg's for eight years; he was their manager of advertising. A final shift to Outlet Company, in advertising again. His retirement came in 1973.

The Crosbys had bought their first house in 1946; they never had to move. All Bill's jobs were in the Providence area—he lived in Riverside—a section of the country he dearly loved.

Recently, Bill's legs began to give him trouble; he was not too mobile and had to rely on his wife for driving trips, especially to visit their daughter and grandchildren. He hated to give up teaching church school, which he had done for years.

Bill left us last September. Many people will miss his personable, kindly presence. More than most, we'll miss him; he was planning to attend our class reunion in May. That reunion will have to wait.

John D. Leinbach '35

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