50th Reunion

36 Walter A. Schloss 2.jpg THE CAREER YEARS

1940: M.D.,  New York University

1940-1941: Intern, Middlesex Hospital, Middletown, Conn. Intern, Bellevue Hospital, NYC

1941-1945: To Major, U.S. Army Medical Corps

1946-49:  Resident In  Urology, Beth Israel Hospital, NYC

1949-76:Private practice In Urology, Hartford, Conn. 

1976-85: Medical Director, Stanley Works.

Other activities: Director, Occupational Medical Association of Connecticut  (President,

1985); Director, Capital Area Individual Practice Association; past Asst. Secretary, Hart·

ford Medical Society; past Sec.-Treas.,  Urology Section,  Connecticut State Medical

Society. Author, 18 articles In medical literature.

Address: 31 Brookside Boulevard, West Hartford, Conn. 06107

Wife: Ruth Ginsberg (Pratt '41). Married 2/1/42.

Children:  Nancy Marks, Great Falls, Va - Mother of Kim and  Erin. Husband  with U S. Treasury, Washington, D.C.

Jane  Phelan, Arlington, Va - Theater costume designing, Public TV. Husband a high school teacher.

Wendy Senger, Derry, N.H.-Mother of Billy and Leah. Husband with Eagle Graphics, Boston.

Peggy Mendelson, West Hartford, Conn - Mother of Jason and Jennifer. Husband with Aetna Life & Casualty Co.

W. Andrew Schloss, Providence, RI - Asst. Professor of Music, Brown University. (Ph.D., Stanford  '85)

Barbara Schloss, New York City- Administrator & publicist, Borlcua College. Student at Columbia.

Current Interests & activities:  After 30 years In Urology, I turned to Occupational Medicine to continue my medical activities. My current part-time endeavor is Medical Consultant,  Employees Clinic, City of Hartford Health Dept. Also, I examine patients for Probate Commitment  (as the non-psychiatrist) for the State Dept. of Mental Health. Still skiing downhill and cross-country, golfing and swimming,caring for house and  grounds. Had prostatectomy age 60, coronary age 66; good recovery, very fortunate thus far.

Favorite fortune cookie saying: "A comfortable home Is a great source of happiness."

36 Walter A. Schloss.jpg