Deceased April 13, 2013

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In Memory

In his 60s, Dick developed what many covet—the Midas touch.

As his son (also named Richard) tells it, he parlayed $23,000 into $5 million by playing the stock market.

What gave him this uncanny knack, enabling him, like the mythical King Midas, to turn everything into gold?

“He was very patient,” his son said in a phone interview, “and he had good breaks.”

Before that, Dick, who died April 13, 2013, aged 96, in Baden, PA, had a varied career. His son said he had longed to get in the diplomatic service, but was talked out of it by his father, who persuaded him to join him in a tool and dye business in Pittsburgh.

Later, in California, he served as head of the County Welfare Department in San Diego. His wife, Georgina, also had a notable career in California. A library in Carlsbad is named after her in remembrance of her service as the city’s first library director. She had degrees from Hollis and Carnegie Tech.

During WWII, Dick saw action in the Pacific as a Navy lieutenant aboard an LST (landing ship, tank.)

Born in Rochester, NY, Dick grew up in Pennsylvania and prepped at Beaver High School. In college he was on the track squad and in the band.

In his old age, Dick returned to Pennsylvania because, his son said, he wanted to be where he grew up. He kept in touch with Amherst classmates. In recent post cards he said he enjoyed playing bridge at a retirement home in Baden.

Dick’s wife predeceased him.  Besides his son, of Encinitas, CA, his survivors include a daughter, Madeline Young Cole of Las Vegas, NV, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He was buried beside his wife in Beaver, PA, Cemetery.

George Bria ‘38