Deceased May 9, 2010

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In Memory

Angus MacLeod died peacefully on Sunday, May 9, 2010, at Mill Valley, California, with his wife Lucile, their four children and the children’s spouses all present. 

Angus was 92.  Like his classmates, he was one of America’s "Greatest Generation."  He was a descendant of Scottish immigrants among others, including his namesake grandfather who arrived from the Scottish Hebrides in New England in the 1870s.  Angus was born in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1917, the same year as President Kennedy.  He lived as a teenager through the Great Depression and graduated from AmherstCollege in 1939. 

When war came in 1941, Angus went to enlist immediately.  The Navy told him he was too thin, so he stuffed himself for two weeks and was accepted.  He was an officer in the U.S. Navy throughout the war.  He was about to take command of his own ship in 1945 when the war ended.  At that time, he had recently met Lucile Thorpe of Grand Island, Nebraska, a Stanford grad working for the War Department in San Francisco, and they were married over 63 years.

Besides his Amherst degree, he held a graduate business degree from ColumbiaUniversity and made a career working in industrial relations and education, living in Glendale near Los Angeles from the 1950s to the 2000s and retiring from UCLA.  He had a special love for the ocean, from his youth in Rhode Island, to his service in the Navy, to many vacations at the beaches in California.  A great event of his later years was visiting the campus with his son Sandy from California for the 65th reunion of his class in 2004.

His greatest joy, however, was always his wife Lucile and the home and family they made together; children Sandy, Kim, Ann and Bruce; their spouses Pam, Gunter and Linda; grandchildren Jackson, Madeleine, Rory, Katie, Ian and Jillian; and many nephews, nieces, cousins of both sides of the family.  He was preceded in death by his brother Norman (1933) and sister Jean.

Each member of his family remembers his loving care, sense of humor, intelligence, and many experiences that he loved and shared with them.

 Sandy MacLeod