Clayton Berry Jones, Jr. '39


Clayt died on June 2, 2007, at the Zephyr Rehab Center in Zephyrhills, FL, after a long illness.  Predeceased by his first wife, Odette Lee, he is survived by their three children, Clayton Berry Jones III of Connecticut, Lee Jones of New Hampshire, and Suzette Jones of Pennsylvania; and two grandchildren.  He will be greatly missed by his second wife, Joan Currier; her four children, Deidra-Lee Lambert, Elizabeth Morin, Gregory Currier, and James Currier; eight grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren, all of New Hampshire.

After college, where Clayt excelled on the swimming team, he served in the US Navy as a lieutenant in WWII, seeing action in the South Pacific.  When the war ended, he went to work for the firm of Goodbody and Company as a salesman.  In 1961, he moved to the commodity division of Bache, Halsey, Stuart and Shields.  Later duties were performed at Hornblower & Weeks as well as Scatterty & Jones, both in New York.  After sixty years in Elizabeth, NJ, he moved to New Hampshire in 1978 and then to Florida in 2002.

Clayt was always a publicly spirited individual.  In New Hampshire, he served on several different boards of hospitals.  He acted as treasurer of a community association, the public library, and the Trinity Episcopal Church.  He was also an outdoorsman, who found enjoyment in skiing and boating.

—Henry W. Seeley ’39

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