Dr. E. Porter Jewett '39

Porter Jewett died on July 13, 2006, at his home in Palm Harbor, FL.  He is survived by his wife, Barbara, and three children, Derith Ann, Everett, and Dale.

After college, Porter became an ophthalmologist after training at Tufts medical school and the Worcester (MA) City Hospital.  Shortly thereafter, WWII took him into service, and he was assigned to the Pacific as a medical officer.  After the war, he established an ophthalmology practice in Worcester where he continued to work for the next thirty-seven years.  During those years he served in various positions which included chief of ophthalmology, president of the medical staff at Worcester Hospital, and assistant professor of ophthalmology at the Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School.

Porter and Barbara loved to travel but still spent much time at home, enjoying two houses, one in Westmoreland, NH, and one on Narragansett Bay.  After his retirement, they moved to Florida and played a lot of golf.  Porter then moved into a retirement community and filled his time with boating, golf, wood working, and a try at stained glass production.  Porter’s last visit to Amherst was to attend our 65th Reunion in 2004.

—Henry W. Seeley ’39

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