50th Reunion


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The first week of July 1939 was a memorable one. I began my business career in the brewing business as an apprentice brewer. Learning the trade they said. For two years I worked in every production department in the Hyde Park Brewery in St. Louis. In the fall of 1941 I took a leave of absence to attend the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago. I completed the course in 1942 and received a certificate in Brewing Technology, subsequently became a master brewer. A far cry from a B.A. at Amherst.

I returned 10 the Hyde Park Brewery and was put in charge of the laboratory. By 1946 I had been promoted 10 Sec. Treas. of the company and then when the President resigned was appointed acting president in1948. Shortly there after we were merged with another brewing company and I was out of a job.

I was very fortunate 10 receive an offer from Anheuser-Busch Inc. 10 join that company in 1949 to participate in the design and construction of A.B. ' first brewery outside the City of St. Louis and ultimately 10 manage it. In 1950 we moved to Short Hills, New Jersey, remaining there for nine years. It was a tremendous experience having the responsibility of running a multi-million dollar plant with little or no direction from St. Louis. An interesting sidelight- I believed before I arrived in New Jersey that I was well versed in labor relations and union contract negotiations. What a shock when I encountered the various unions that we had to deal with. I soon realized that I was a very green neophyte in that field.

In 1959 I returned to St. Louis as Vice President of Operations remaining in that capacity until I retired in 1979. Our area of responsibility was managing and running all existing breweries and participating in the design and construction of new ones. During that period we added seven.

I have also been involved in many extra-curricular activities. Member of the Board of Trustees of St. Louis Country Day School for six years, Board member and President of Family and Children Services of St. Louis for twelve years, Board member and President. Central Institute for the Deaf for twenty eight years and for ten years a member of the Board of Directors of the County Bank of Richmond Heights.

In 1940 Carolyn and I were married and have had a marvelous life together. We had two children. Lyn our older is married to Tony Buford and lives in Gladwynne, PA. They have three children-Elizabeth, class of '86 at the University of Virginia, Beau, Franklin and Marshall '88 and Lance, ten years old.

Our second daughter Lisa was married to Henry Manley and lived for a long time in Summit, New Jersey. They have two children, Carolyn, Fairleigh Dickinson '87 and Trip, Trinity '89. Lisa was divorced in 1985 and recently married Robert Rummier and they live in Houston, Texas.

In 1979 I retired and we now are residents of Vero Beach, Florida. We stay there about eight months of the year and in St. Louis the rest of the time. I play a lot of golf and bridge and have an interest in my son-in-law's brokerage business in Veto. (I am not required to work). Retirement is wonderful- never a dull moment.