Deceased April 24, 2010

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In Memory

Jack Spiegel died on April 24, 2010, in Portland, Maine, at age 92. Jack came to Amherst from Salem High School, graduating from Amherst in 1939. While at Amherst, he was a member of the Lord Jeff Club.

Jack served five years in the U.S. Army, terminating as an infantry lieutenant during World War II and was retired to the reserve in 1946. Shortly after leaving the service, Jack met and married his wife of 63 years, Anne Zamcheck.

Together Anne and Jack founded Quoddy Moccasins in Portland, Maine, in 1947, becoming a leading national brand. Jack was fascinated by the challenge of making his brand known throughout the country. Anne and Jack ran the business for 25 years.

Jack had a lifelong passion for preserving the Maine land and forest. He gave large tracts of forest to the State of Maine, accompanied with a business plan to keep it self-sustaining—along with the stipulation that the land will never be developed; it was to be enjoyed by all.

Jack passed on his philanthropic drive to his grandson, David, at an early age, by giving him money to research and find a place to give the money. He loved telling the story over and over how David walked through the children’s hospital to make sure it was the place he wanted to make his donation. David also remembers his grandfather’s advice, “not to be afraid of your own decisions.”

Jack and Anne fell in love with Maine on their honeymoon. At 92, he continued to give to his community, kept busy and sang “You Are My Sunshine” to Anne every morning.

The University of New England has added a book to their Portland Campus Library entitled In the Maine Woods by Henry D. Thoreau, dedicated in Jack’s memory.

Sandy Riley
Class of 1939 Alumni Liaison

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