50th Reunion

For our Fiftieth Get-to-Gether, here are some of the high spots that might be of interest to you that happened to old "Jeff '. I must say that I have been lucky to have had good health and to have been in the right place at the right time. In fact that was how I met my wife Peggy. We're still together after 40 years! We have two sons -Jeff and Sandy - both in their thirties. Jeff lives and works for Stanford as a computer specialist in their Research Dept. Sandy lives in Anchorage, Alaska, and works for the State as Chief Chemist in the Environmental Dept. He is the father of our "one and only" grand-daughter, Allison, who will be 5 in July.
At Amherst, I took Pre-Med, and then attended Cornell Medical College for one year. It didn't work out Picker X-Ray Company hired me as a Sales engineer to call on doctors and hospitals. I covered several territories-New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington and Reading.

39 H. Jeffrey Mapes 2.png In Baltimore, on January 5, 1942, I entered military service as an X-Ray technician. Several months later I applied for and attended OCS at Carlisle, PA, in their 2nd Cass. Ninety Days later, graduated as a 2nd Lt. in the Medical Administrative Corp. I was assigned to Station Hospital as Supply Officer - preparing for Overseas - at Camp Rucker, AL. On January 5, 1943, our unit went on the Queen E for England, stationed in Exeter for several months. My next duty was Executive Officer of a special Medical Depot in Reading that repaired Medical equipment for Field Hospitals and Army Depots. We were ready for D-Day. I took my own unit to France, landing in Normandy. Moved several times following Patton - and ended up in Paris 7 days after Liberation! Eventually I was assigned to the Chief Surgeons Office as Chief of Medical Maintenance. By that time I was a Major. VE Day in Paris was a blast! I did see some action up front too; it wasn't all a bed of roses, as it sounds.

After WWII, I returned to Picker X-Ray for a while, then worked for Philco Distributors in both Sales and Sales Promotion, some time with an Advertising Agency - Hutchins. In 1948, Peggy and I were married in New York City and lived in Greenwich Village.In1954, I was hired by Stromberg-Carlson as their Sales Promotion Manager- Television Div. - and we moved to Rochester, NY. This was great for a year until reorganization meant dropping the Radio and Television Line. Again I was lucky. Eastman Kodak hired me as a Promotion Assistant to a manager. When he retired 5 years later I took over the Department.

39 H. Jeffrey Mapes.jpg For 25 years, Kodak was good to me. My last position before retirement in 1981 was Administrative Asst. to the Regional Sales Manager in our Western Division in Whittier, California. We moved here in 1977. We love the West Coast, but still think of the great life in Rochester. There our boys grew up. We skiied in Winter, sailed, camped and played tennis in Summer, and were involved in many activities - Rochester Philharmonic Symphony Support, Singing in Oratorio Society, Medic with the local Ambulance Group, etc. California has its advantages, too. All year round Tennis, Church choir (we have 104!), Meals-on-Wheels Volunteer. Peggy is teaching part-time English-as-a-second language (ESL) to adults in a local college. We usually travel to Europe each summer and stay for a month - different country - stay in one place and use the trains. That about does it. Looking forward to our 50th and the chance to swap more "yarns".

Zoe and I have done a fair amount of traveling since our relocation to the West Coast, primarily in the western states including Hawaii and Alaska.

In 1983 moved to a small, low maintenance home adjoining one of the many golf courses in San Diego. Zoe continues to enjoy her music, photography, and gardening, while I maintain my interest in golf, although my ability to play the game is sorely lacking.


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