50th Reunion

The past 50 years have gone by in such a rush. So much has happened and yet it seems such a short space of time since those golden days at Amherst! During that interval have had two marriages, three daughters, 6 grandchildren, and four careers - i.e., 17 years of practice of pediatrics, 6 years in academic medicine at Yale Medical School, 12 years as a Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and currently in administrative medicine as Medical Director of Av. Med Health Plan (130,000 members served by 2,000 private physicians).

39 Jerome Beloff.jpg Although I will soon be 71 years old full time work as a busy Medical Director keeps me interested, challenged and looking forward to each day with enthusiasm. The thought of retiring has not captured my imagination as yet. There is developing some appeal to the idea of more time to visit my grandchildren, play more tennis, have more time for quartet playing (e.g., cello), and indulge myself in the hobbies of photography and sailing.

I must be a workaholic - as my wife claims - since keeping busy is very satisfying and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Good health and good luck have been kind to me and I do hope my classmates of '39 at Amherst have been equally blessed.

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