50th Reunion


Pearl Harbor interrupted my senior year at Boston University Law School. Passed the Massachusetts Bar Exam in February, 1942, and enlisted in the Army. Was commissioned a year later and spent the next three years (stateside) in intelligence activities.

Practiced law in Boston for a year, and then joined the J. C. Penney Company as Assistant Advertising Manager. Knew nothing about advertising, but a colonel, under whom I had served, thought a career in the Penney Company would be rewarding to both parties. It was for me.

Spent the next 30 years working up the corporate ladder, as: Manager of Media and Budgeting; Manager, Sales Promotion; Manager, Marketing Planning and Evaluation; and Senior Marketing Executive. Retired in 1977. Also served on several marketing and advertising associations, including the Audit Bureau of Circulations where I was Board Chairman, 1974-1977.

Moved from the New York megaplex in 1979 to western North Carolina, settling in Etowah, a rural community seventeen miles south of Asheville. We live adjacent to a golf course and golf has become a primary interest, although there is no possibility that I will ever shoot my age. Also have had a lot of satisfaction from a fairly large garden (60' x 100') which keeps the neighbors supplied with fresh vegetables.

R. Clinton Thompson 39.png

We also have traveled quite a bit during the past 10 years. The highlight was a retirement gift to ourselves of a round-the-world cruise. We have also toured Russia, Greece, Egypt, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Italy and New Zealand (an Amherst tour) and have just returned from a three week vacation in Switzerland. Next summer we plan to be in Norway.

Other activities include serving as a director on the Community Foundation which I helped organize in 1982, and as a director for Carolina Village, a nonprofit, life care center with 350 residents. The growing influx of retiree immigrants from the north is changing the population profile of this area drastically, and Carolina Village plans to build another 25 million dollar center. Marketing the new center will occupy much of my time between now and reunion.

In August of 1942 I married Shirley (Schweinsburg), St. Lawrence '39. We have two sons: Jeffrey, born 1949, a doctor in Grand Prairie Texas; Kenneth, born 1955, who is with the
Stouffer Hotel chain. We have one granddaughter, with another grandchild due in January 1988.