Deceased January 7, 2011

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The college, the Class of 1940 and a large, devoted family have lost a treasure in the passing of Pidge Dowley on Jan. 7, 2011.

While a student, Pidge was involved in Alpha Delta Phi, the concert choir, cross-country and swimming. He was held in the highest regard by his classmates and with great respect by the student body for his dedication to sports and other campus activities.

After graduation, Pidge continued his involvement with college matters. He served as a vice president of the Society of the Alumni, as Alumni Council representative for our class and as a world-class fund-raiser as class agent.

      Pidge was no run-of-the-mill class agent. He established a new record for leading us to 100 percent participation for many years. He spoke in polite and considerate tones when asking for a donation, but his message was to the point, like an arrow going to a bull’s eye. After a few pleasantries, his calls went something like this: “I note that you haven’t given a damn dime for a couple of years. Just how do you think we are going to keep Amherst on top of the world if you and others vote against the college and its ambitions for its students by not giving?”

Pidge was never subtle when it came to the welfare of our college. For all his efforts and loyalty, he was awarded the college’s Distinguished Service Award in 2002.

Pidge was equally generous with his time and energy in his community. He was a member of the parking authority and research board in greater Syracuse, N.Y. He served on the boards of the Onondaga United Way and the Public Broadcasting Council of Central New York.

We will miss this great guy in more ways than I can tell. The language has yet to be discovered that truly captures this remarkable man. He will always be very much alive in our memories.

—Tom Shepard ’40

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