Deceased March 13, 2008

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In Memory

The Class lost a notable member with the death of Herb Damon on March 13, 2008, at his home in New London, N.H. At the College, he was a skillful soccer player and reveled on the ski slopes. He was a member of Alpha Delta Phi.
A forester with an economics background, a teacher, international bird-watcher and proprietor of small businesses, Herb was an ornament of his community as well as the Class and the larger world. Family, friends and acquaintances will miss his wry humor.
That larger world included the Pacific, where he served in the USNR during the second World War; the excellence of his service was recognized by the award to him of the U.S. Navy Cross and seven battle stars. This was an ultimate irony for a man who despised war as a solution.
Herb married Margaret (“Peggy”) Neilson in 1946. Peggy died in 2007. Herb leaves his three children and their spouses, six grandchildren, a brother and sister and their spouses.
—Louis P. Dolbeare ’40

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